Vedanta - Big Slap On Face of Business Channels & Hourly Experts There

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Board of Vedanta Ltd is meeting on Wednesday, 1st September 21, to consider and approve First Interim Dividend on equity shares, if any, for the Financial Year 2021-22.

This has vindicated our stand of bullish view seen continuing on the stock. We also wish to draw attention to MG of 25-8-21 on Vedanta Ltd carried here. Infact, the positive bias on the stock got reinforced now, with Vedanta having taken lead of declaring  interim dividend, ahead of its 65% subsidiary Hind Zinc, to make it certain that Hind Zinc will also declare interim dividend soon, to take benefit under Secion 80M of the Income Tax, by Vedanta. 

Infact, this move of Vedanta has put a tight slap on the face of Business Channel (which is seen promoting its Parent, every alternate day) and their Hourly Experts on Channel (who echo same voice, as of channel). But every bad move has a good moves as well. Such malicious move has made the share to fall at around Rs. 270 on 23-8-21, (day low of Rs. 261), which has given an opportunity to buy value at much lower levels, to few members here.

However, sad part is that many members here, believing channel story, either sold Vedanta or did not buy, but will now be eager to buy it, at or above Rs. 300.

So this is the price one pay, relying on such malicious and fake calls.
If you throw peanuts, only Monkeys will come.

This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.

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