RIL - Under-Performer Post 44th AGM?

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Reliance Industries Ltd  (RIL) has corrected from Rs. 2,250, ruling couple of days prior to 44th AGM of the company held on 24th June, 2021, to Rs. 2.070, a fall of Rs.180, being 8% in less than 14 trading days. We carried a piece here on 28th June, expecting this weakness, on reasons as enumerated there.

One Business channel of RIL, has practically tried to keep the stock in news, everyday post AGM, without realising that market knows all and merely shouting on the stock daily can only make few gullible investors to buy it, but not the BIG FISH, to whom they have been seen working. RIL Group and Channel need to realise that performance matters and not PR.

Caution on stock price continues, even ahead of Q1 numbers, though efforts will be made by the insiders to see that stock holds 2k levels.

Market is ruthless.

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