SAIL - at almost 10 year high

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) closed at Rs. 130, while stock was seen last trading at Rs. 130 in the first week of July, 2011, about 10 years back. Share was ruling at Rs. 250 on 31-3-2010, about 11 years back. In 2010, there was frenzy on PSU stocks, but Metal rally then, was also seen instrumental for such a big rise in the share price of SAIL.

Lord Saturn governs the Steel sector, while Lord Saturn remains in one Zodiac sign for 30 months or so. So after 5- 6 Zodiac signs, having traversed by Lord Saturn, we see this metal rally seen coming back. Astrologically, it is expected that this Steel rally may be seen continuing for the next 18 months, which coincides with the fundamental view of the sector as well. Incidentally SAIL had its 52 week low of Rs. 27, about a year back on 20-5-2020.

Can this make SAIL to run past 200 mark in this year and 250 in the next year?
Keep fingers crossed :)

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