Stop being impulsive, with left out feelings - Vedanta Case Study

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Many members here are seen having left out feelings, while thereafter they see getting impulsive, making them buy a stock at much higher levels, than given by us. We are daily giving 4 buy calls in pre market, as also, during market hours, while advice are also given on real time during market hours in Query Section.

No one can act on all given buy calls, while if we will not go for profit booking, will not be left with money to play on new calls being given. Also, avoid getting impulsive, if stock has not moved for 1-7 days. Latest case being Vedanta, where buying call was given by us on 27th July at Rs. 272, post good Q1 numbers. Share fell to 263 on 27th and to 261 on 28th. Many members started jumping, and exited from the stock, as they hear Media Champions and experts there, who gave sell call on the stock. Share yesterday rose to 291, a rise of Rs. 30 in 1 day, from previous day's low. In Nutshell, retail investors lost and Big Fish made money, as you all decide yourself, that for whose benefit this sell call was given on the Business Channels?

Too many cooks (won't be hesitant in calling crooks) spoils the food, while nothing comes free in life (read profitable calls or tips on Business Channels). So have faith in one expert - Either TV Channel or Your Broker or :)  
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