Firstsource Sol up over 5.5%

about 6 months ago
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Firstsource Solutions is in the limelight today morning, rising over 5.5% to hit an intraday high at Rs.79.85, not too far from its 52-week high of Rs.81.75.

The company announced today morning that it has acquired PatientMatters, a healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions provider.

PatientMatters unifies disparate registration, bill estimation, and financial services with intelligent workflows and eligibility services, improving revenue realization for Hospitals.

The acquisition complements Firstsource’s Provider Business on two dimensions: strengthening presence in large markets like Texas and New York and adding new capabilities of pre-authorization and patient bill estimation at the front-end of the RCM cycle.

In tandem with the acquisition, Firstsource plans to consolidate its Healthcare Provider brands MedAssist and PatientMatters, under its enterprise umbrella.

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