Spicejet hits new low

about 2 years ago
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Spicejet, which had closed yesterday at Rs.37.65, today opened lower and went on to hit a new 52-week low at Rs.35.

For any flight, the safety of the passengers is important and to have consistent technical glitches while in air is very worrisome. That’s reason enough for people to stop using the airline when it compromises on the life of the flyers.

Yesterday was a black day for the airline – it developed two technical snags - a Delhi-Dubai flight was diverted to Karachi over a faulty indicator light; another plane from Kandla made a priority landing in Mumbai as the windshield cracked. The flight was at 23,000 feet altitude when the windshield’s outer pane cracked.

On 2nd July, a Delhi-Jabalpur flight saw smoke coming from the cockpit when at 5000 feet.

These are just the latest in the list of malfunctions that the airline has faced recently and with these two, in the last 17 days, the airline has seen 7 such glitches.

58.76 (-1.67)

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