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where do we get this report
Sangram Keshari Dash on 07th Dec 2017
Excellent!sir follows "Don't Ask your advisor which Stock they like,ask them Which stocks they hold in their Portfolio". A Great Teacher never have Jealous/Greed to share their Knowledge.
Dayalan on 02nd Jan 2018
Miss Ruma, I read all your articles. nice detailing of events and wishes here. Merry christmas.
Nidhi Sinha (Guest) on 22nd Dec 2017
Excellent section from medium to long-run investment perspective, Investors need to be aware of big manipulators and vested interests in the immediate to short-run.
Shashi Kant on 01st Dec 2017
There are still sane people amongst us! There are people left who love God then! In any form in no form even. There are still angels among this insane world! We still have hope.
RINA MUMTAZ on 24th Oct 2017
R/Sir Completed more than a year with you. Thanks a lot for your guidance and blessings. Learning how to invest, keep patience in hard times and when to book profits. Thanks for your astute guidance.
Praveen Khosla on 21st Dec 2017
Good advisory on the PSU stocks
Sudhakara Kumar Marupudi on 19th Feb 2018
Awesome as always .. great work spt team
Rajiv Gupta on 21st Dec 2017
I think it merits inclusion in MW/FC sections so that it gets noticed and taken seriously by the member investors. I bought 200 today for short term, just to test the water. Regards.
DEVESH KUMAR on 29th Dec 2017