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Sir, Wish you a speedy recovery. Would like to share my gratitude for the phenomenal contribution you have made to our lives. Thank you. God bless you !
Anil Kumar on 25th Apr 2017
Tremendous piece of information.
Rambabu Sharma on 09th Jun 2017
Good article. For banks mangoes can be manipulated to their whims and fancies. Particularly liked they will follow you to your grave and beyond.
Ramanathan NG on 23rd May 2017
It is painful to know that our masterji is unwell. I sincerely meditate on lord Dattatrya to intercede for the success of surgery.I am confident my urge & prayers will be answered,god bless him.
Anjaneyulu B on 25th Apr 2017
Truly said and proper measures should be taken by paarents.
anshul malpani on 07th Apr 2017
Thank you madam . Very discriptitive and easy to understand the current movement of our market,making members highly knowledgeable
K. S. Mythili on 15th Jun 2017
Dear sir. We pray for surgery to be successful. You are like Big B for entire SPT family. Looking to you at cnbc we feel like we talking to you lively. God may shower alll blessings on you. Ravinder
Ravinder Gupta on 25th Apr 2017
sir, we know u are workholic will pray to god for your quick recovery. SPT family requires u as u are our strength and guide, so take rest 4 a week we will wait for ur calls once u are fully recoverd
Rajee on 25th Apr 2017
Thanks for sharing this wonderful hidden gem with all the details.
Dnyaneshwar on 02nd Jun 2017