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Pl. Clerify that this company will give some portion of saleproceeds to shareholders
Hiralal agarwal on 26th Apr 2018
Amazing product and great customer service.
Amol Jadhav (Guest) on 27th Jun 2018
No tigers ,elephants & wildlife equals no existance for us ...if people understand that much, its enough.
Arvind A Desai on 06th Aug 2018
PSBs will like this idea because it will make their balance sheets rosy. The root cause is "bribe for loans" by PSB staff and politicians having influence over these banks.
Neel Thakkar (Guest) on 26th Jun 2018
5% gain in a falling marketing is great .
Arvind A Desai on 22nd May 2018
wonderful to read something like this .
Arvind A Desai on 09th May 2018
Something really good at last.
Arvind A Desai on 15th Aug 2018
The last sentence sums up all
Vinayak Toal on 30th May 2018
thanks . A very detailed msg explaining why LIRA has fallen so much.
Sreedhar Bellapu Ravvala on 13th Aug 2018