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Interesting insight into the world of logos
ravinder singh parmar on 24th Jan 2017
Sp Ji ki nikli Sawari sp ji sab pe Bhari hum to h ai sp ji k aabhari sp ji k call se roj manate hai Diwali
DHIREN S DUTIA on 25th Oct 2016
Excellent analysis.personally speaking gold is rightly said as most unproductive asset.
TRADEEP JAIN on 03rd Dec 2016
Sir Jee, I am in 10% profit in zee media, 14% profit in Dwarikesh.
Reuben Karekar on 09th Dec 2016
Superb analysis tend to subscribe
Mukesh Rai (Guest) on 27th Oct 2016
Superb analysis as always i only prefer this site before applying any ipo . Thank you so much ...
akshay (Guest) on 24th Oct 2016
Any credible economist would scream out that its a wrong move for the right reason. Black money hoar ders would get back to business with the new notes. Smart chip tech was a must for future stoppage of hoarding.
Ajay (Guest) on 14th Nov 2016
haldi lagi na phitkari rang chokha
asad on 02nd Nov 2016
I agree with your story, only disadvantage is the cost of the product, it is still high, the game will change in case the price low and earn more thru volumes...Thanks
Apurva (Guest) on 18th Jan 2017