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Not just banks, I think it happens with most of the PSU entities..
Ragesh Gopinathan on 08th Jun 2018
It was indeed a great Article to understand, what's actually buzzing. TYSM.
Guruprasad on 26th Mar 2018
Toys from our childhood invoke nostalgia & are great stress busters ,just like old photographs . Nice write .
Arvind A Desai on 19th Apr 2018
Yes ,our model of development has to be different. Very well put.
Arvind Desai (Guest) on 25th May 2018
Estimated total spending on each seat ( by all candidates put together ),....50 crores .Forget BJP & CONGRESS... Whose. Money ???, What Democracy ??? ...Future ?????
Arvind A Desai on 16th May 2018
We Indians first reconstuct our thought process. We forgot our social responsibility and that's where the difference between we and Western people. It's the people of country makes the country great.
Amey (Guest) on 15th Mar 2018
yes. I agree 100%. Such people should be given more support becz their innovations are directly helping humanity
Sreedhar Bellapu Ravvala on 18th May 2018
sairajkumar count all 31 calls profit&loss you are in nominal profit
Nyapathy Usha Devi on 31st May 2018
So early nice mam for a late nite effort for all of us
Santosh Kumar Singh on 22nd Mar 2018