Age is just a number

about 1 year ago
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At the age of 83, it’s a miracle in todays time to be able to do our daily chores by oneself. Physical and mental faculties, both, in majority of such elderly citizens are on the dim.

So it was with a sense of awe and admiration that we applauded the achievement of 83 year old Japanese woman, Masako Wakamiya – translating her experience of living all by herself, she developed an app two years go. This app is actually a game, Hinadan, which is aimed at elderly users. The logo for Masako Wakamiya's app Hinadan features a traditional Japanese doll. The game is centered around the annual celebration of Hinamatsuri, or Doll's Day.

The lack of distractions let her focus purely on programming, and overcoming the steep learning curve, not only in software development but also an unexpected language barrier. Not all Japanese are well versed with English. Thus to plod through that while have the capacity to actually build an app speaks volumes about Wakamiya’s mental capabilities, even at the age of 83.

Not just the app, after she bought the laptop at her ae of 60, she realized the wonders of technology and she took it upon herself to teach the other elders in her vicinity.

Wakamiya uses what she calls "Excel art" to spread her message of hope, using the Microsoft spreadsheets application to create designs she has even turned into clothing and crafts.

Wakamiya now says for her life began again at 60, and she's excited for what's still to come. Indeed age is just a number; you are old only as old as you think you are!

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