WFH 'perking' needed!

about 3 months ago
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The lockdown has been lifted but for some time more, many people will continue to work from home (WFH). So what happens to their perks when they went to office for work – Friday night dinner, gym membership, café vouchers and so many other things?

Most of these perks have little meaning today as people are not going to places where there is little chance of social distancing. And at least in the USA, many companies have started compensating the WFH employees.

To relieve stress and deal with the new situation of WFH, Hewlett Packard is giving employees access to meditation and mindfulness services from Headspace Inc.  Another company which used to give employees’ memberships to ClassPass Inc., which allows users to take classes at a variety of gyms and studios, are now getting yoga or Pilates online.  One more company is providing employees memberships to One Medical, which can be used to schedule telehealth appointments, send messages to health-care providers, refill prescriptions and more.

A company in New York used to give its employees wine on Wednesdays and pizza on Fridays – that has been replaced with SnackMagic - $45 worth of snacks which is delivered to their homes.

Cannot help but wonder how many of our very own companies will be ‘perking’ up their WFH employees?


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