Orient Cement- Due For A Big Break Out

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Orient Cement having recommended 20 times by us, to our members in last 3 months, with first buy call having given at Rs. 152 on 26th July, has seen well consolidated. Infact, stock remained and traded in narrow range in the last 3 months, as it was closed at Rs. 147 on 25th October.  This has obviously frustrated many impulsive investors, who are unable to take faith in the fundamentals of a stock, which was explicitly stated by us in our last 20 calls.

However, stock rose by about 24% in less than 2 week, having made 52 week high of Rs. 185 on Muhurat day. and thereafter on Monday. This was expected, due to huge cash buying seen on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 8th November, which indicated of such rise seen coming in. Infact, best is yet to be seen, surely in this month, when stock may see hitting 20% UC Band, which may be seen at Rs. 200 levels.Tactically share kept low fo last 3 days, with pause on buying, which is always seen during accumulation stage of a stock, largely to frustrate impulsive investors.

So, this is a lesson for all impulsive investors, who start dancing, without music, that a stock with strong fundamentals  does not move up, linearly, or like FD.

Such stocks first see ACCUMULATION & then give a Big BREAK OUT.

This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.

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