Note for Investors & Traders to earn peacefully in the stock market

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

A note for INVESTORS, to earn money in the maket, with peace of mind

We have received lot of impulsive queriess in this week, from our members, be it Jayaswal Neco, Jain Irrigation, JITF Infra, SSWL, Wheels, Adani Enterprise, Auro Pharma , Biocon, while list is endless. In these queries, when profit booking call was given, as in case of exit at 24 in Jayaswal Neco and buy call at 17, few members followed it. JITF infra recomended at 35 on 11th August, moved to 78 yesterday, with all members be abe to buy it, as it hit UC & LC , but closed at UC. Hence, members need to learn art of buying such stocks, as also, must follow the advice given, as it is being given in best of their nterest. 

1. Markets are DYNAMIC. So do not buy a call given 2 weeks back, today, without again checking with expert. No one likes old news and you shouldn't too.

2. Golden rule - Do not think, stock will only go up after you buy it and only go down once you sell it. The day you understand this, half battle is won.

3. Once you buy a stock, have faith and conviction on adviser and stock, as also, respect the given time horizon. Don't jump for every down tick, else will get a broken back. And stop calculating daily MTM gains or losses.

4. Profit booking is a must. This is real gains and must not remain on paper. Use the gains for something worthwhile (includes investments in new stock ideas). Enjoy the gains . We enjoy Rs. 200 cash back in mall and feel happy. So, book gains in the market or have disappointment for the gains not booked, that we had on platter.

5. Do not try to have it all. No one can have all stocks in their portfolio. So invest as per your time horizon and temperament. If you cannot face volatility, stick to quality bluechips. If you need action, allocate a part of your portfolio to small and micro caps as well. No need to get carried away or depressed, by one profitable or loss trade.

6. Have a proper allocation strategy. Remember, overdose of good thing is as dangerous as a bad thing. So, do not let your greed or lack of knowledge distort your portfolio and stock allocation.


A note for TRADERS to earn in the market, along with peace of mind -

1. Ooops ... such a thing does not exist. Switch to investment focus approach to earn money consistently.


This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.

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