Our Market Gossips - Seen Having Serious Contents

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Our Market Gossip, carried here on all trading days at 9.25 am, is becoming popular day by day.
Name of the section looks lighter, but having serious stuff, with hugely profit making ideas, discussed for non-members. So, one can imagine that members stand to gain or are privy to much more such ideas.

Few of such items are summarised hereunder-
1)    JITF Infra was recommended to our members at Rs. 34.50 on 11th August, which was covered here at Rs. 44 on 17th August. Share now rules at Rs. 64.50. A gain of 87% to our members in about 2 weeks.

2)    Adani Twins, being Adani Ports and Adani Enterprise, covered here, at Rs. 692 and at Rs. 1,440 on 18th August, while buy calls were given to our members earlier at much lower rates.

3)     Warned to have caution, and avoid buying on Zomato, on 5th, 12th and 24th August, when Media and Investment Bankers, with their own selfish motive, misguided to buy this stock, which is seen not more than penny stock, down 2-3 years.

4)    Jain Irrigation was covered on 10th August here, giving broad contours of restructuring.

5)    Vedanta target of Rs. 333 indicated to our members, was covered here on 3rd August, with target seen having met.

6)    RIL posted dull Q1 numbers, was covered here on 26th July when Business Channel of RIL, termed it positive, with coterie of their so called independent experts.

7)    CG Power, to see renewed retail buying was covered here on 29th July, which was assured to our members earlier.

Proof of Pudding is in its eating. All these pieces are existing in archives on our site.

Market is futuristic and if one can lay hands on such news ahead of others, they will only make killing in the market.
If a delayed menu can also reward, so imagine how tasty and delicious will be the fresh one :)  

This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.

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