Wish to Buy at Bottom and Sell at Top - Even GOD can't do it

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

Recent market volatility has given us to understand and define “An Irrational and Impulsive Investor” -

1)    Who wish to Buy at Bottom and Sell at Top - This even GOD can’t do it

2)    Who is seen a Buyer at UC and Seller at LC -  Means just love to stand in Queue, as we have seen in olden days in front of ration shop

3)    Want to see the stock, in which he is invested, not to fall, but should only move up - This happens with FD and not with Equity

4)    Is a LT Investor, till stock keep moving up, while will turn overnight, as an Intraday trader on share correcting - No MB stocks in the History has given a “one way rise”

5)    Such investor has never (or read hardly)  seen or booked profits in life- Because as long it is rising, he has more faith in the company then Promoter, and when it falls below his cost, he will exit, but after cursing Expert, abusing Promoter and criticising System, Stock Exchange, Govt and Regulator

6)    With no respect to allocation to Stocks - As generally seen, PF of such investor getting loaded with Penny and poor quality stocks, where they have more faith, thinking that Fortune can only be made there,  as they are seen  true multibaggers by him, and hardly seen investing in Blue Chips

In nutshell, fate of such investors is pathetic and sympathetic, as nature of a person is difficult to get changed.   

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